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Congratulations to Ross Howard for winning week 1 of the Serie A fantasy league you can contact me at so we can get in touch and you may claim your prize. Congrats to Ross, let's see who can keep it up there is still 37 weeks to go and many more prizes to come. It's not too late to join the league, we will have more weekly prizes to come in the future so keep your teams up to snuff!
These are the updated standings! Will let you know when the next prize will be given!
Standings After Week 1 of the Serie A Canada Fantasy League
1. Rossini Gualco/Ross Howard/135Points
2. Dan Riccio/BianconeroFC/122Points
3. Rougez Allez/The tre/105Points
4. Super Juventus/DonnyAries/103Points
5. SwishaSamp/AlessandroSampogna/102Points
6. FCMarinaDiGioiosa/Giulio/102Points
7. Sciacca/AntonioCucciniello/101Points
9. FC Giusentus/Giuseppe/99Points
10. KFJuve/Kyle/97Points
11. The Lads/MarcoDelPapa/97Points
12. ConstantSupremacy/MichaelAstorino/93Points
13. ACToronto/Andrea/90Points 14. SlotshowUtd/MatthewCiampa/89Points
15. Gozzies/AdythiaPratama/88Points
16. BiancoNeri10/Jordan/88Points
17. RenesaJuve/RenesaNizamee/86Points
18. WoodbridgeFC/Alex/84Points
19. JogaBonito/Andrew/82Points
20. Easyballers/EasyAmbrose/79Points
21. MilanGuy/Rob/77Points
22. DPatFC/Dave/72Points
23. GiaccherriniRockets/IgorHenriques/68Points
League Name
Serie A Canada

Matchday #3 Rankings

  1. Buffon(JUV) - If you have him, you just do not take him out of the lineup.
  2. De Sanctis(NAP) - Third CS in a row a possibility at home to Parma
  3. Abbiati(MIL) - A home game against Atalanta could bring his first CS of the season.
  4. Viviano(FIO) - Catania is a tough opponent, but he's been pretty darn good for the Viola so far.
  5. Berni(SAM) - Ferrara has these boys playing strong defense, and Pescara hasn't scored yet this season.
  6. Handanovic(INT) - Away to Torino won't be easy but this man makes saves.
  7. Marchetti(LAZ) - Been a big part of Lazio's impressive start to the season.
  8. Stekelenburg(ROM) - If Bologna play like they did in the first half against Milan last time out, he will let in a goal or two.
  9. Consigli(ATA) - Might not win, or get a CS, but he'll be busy and make plenty saves. Can he stop another penalty?
  10. Padelli(UDI) - It's about time Udinese win a game. Away to Siena should be the game to do it, a possible clean sheet for this man.
  1. Liechsteiner(JUV) - An assist or a goal are never out of the realm of possibility for the talented RB.
  2. Chiellini(JUV) - Should be fully fit now get him into your lineups if you can.
  3. Cannavaro(NAP) - Could be another CS for Napoli
  4. Gastaldello(SAM) - The Ciro Ferrara wall is alive and well, Pescara is not.
  5. Dias(LAZ) - I like what I see from Lazio thus far.
  6. Zanetti(INT) - Does he ever get old?
  7. Acerbi(MIL) - CS for Milan? Likely
  8. Konko(LAZ) - Chievo will have trouble against what seems to be a strong Lazio defense.
  9. Caceres(JUV) - Will be pushing forward plenty in his first game back from injury, it's a risk but he could bring some points to your defensive line.
  10. Piris(ROM) - The wing backs in Zeman's attack are always pushing forward. Piris always has potential for points as long as he starts.
Anyone from Napoli, Sampdoria, Milan, Lazio, Juventus, or just teams you think might get a clean sheet this week.

  1. Hamsik(NAP) - To this point in the season he is the #1 player in Serie A fantasy...stud.
  2. Hernanes(LAZ) - Another man in baby blue who has been fantastic thus far, and will continue to do so as long as he keeps feeding Klose.
  3. Pirlo(JUV) - Couldn't drop him any further, but wouldn't be surprised if he has a non-Pirlo like game this week.
  4. Sneijder(INT) - Torino will be in tough to keep the Dutchman at bay this week.
  5. Nocerino(MIL) - Tough to keep him out of the top ten with his scoring ability.
  6. Maggio(NAP) - Maggio to Cavani = Goal ... wouldn't be the first time.
  7. Pjanic(ROM) - Love the talent this guy has, will he put it together?
  8. Marchisio(JUV) - Always a threat in the midfield.
  9. Poli(SAM) - He runs the Sampdoria midfield, and with a matchup against Pescara this week, he is almost a must start Serie A midfielder.
  10. Lazzari(UDI) - Udinese should have a good week against Siena and Lazzari is one of the more underrated Serie A midfielders.
  11. Vidal(JUV) - Hasn't been great to start the season, but he does take penalties which always helps.
  12. Guarin(INT) - Has become a main fixture in the Inter midfield.
  13. Inler(NAP) - The goalscoring Napoli produces just makes most of their players worth starting.
  14. Boateng(MIL) - Hasn't shown much yet this season, but the talent is there.
  15. Lodi(Catania) - Much like Lazzari he is so underrated.
  16. Pizarro(FIO) - Will he be feeding Jovetic in the absence of Aquilani?
  17. Florenzi(ROM) - Had a goal vs Inter in Matchday 2, can he continue to impress?
  18. Gomez(CAT) - Love this kid, but I just don't like their chances in Florence this weekend.
  19. Candreva(LAZ) - What a goal in Matchday #2 ... is he finally living up to potential.
  20. Obiang(SAM) - Already one assist this season, maybe another coming this weekend.
  1. Cavani(NAP) - Do I need to say anything?
  2. Klose(LAZ) - A goal is always likely from this man.
  3. Jovetic(FIO) - Fiorentina has three goals this season, Jovetic has all three nuff said.
  4. Pazzini(MIL) - Coming off a hattrick against Bologna, he should score again vs Atalanta this week.
  5. Matri(JUV) - Giovinco getting a rest, and Matri will be motivated to get his place back in the team. I see a goal or two in his future.
  6. Milito(INT) - Will have a tough time with Ogbonna this week, but is always a good bet to score.
  7. Maxi Lopez(SAM) - Im on the Sampdoria train bigtime this weekend. Maxi will score.
  8. Di Natale(UDI) - Its about time he scores!
  9. Destro(ROM) - Starting as the target man in Zeman's trident attack, he will get plenty of opportunites to score.
  10. Totti(ROM) - Looks rejuvenated in Zeman's system
  11. Vucinic(JUV) - Will be back to playing support for Matri, had 8 goals and 8 assists in that role last season.
  12. Pandev(NAP) - Have think he'll be trying to stave off Insigne from taking his spot in the starting XI. Motivation=Results
  13. Immobile(GEN) - Genoa's best chance of scoring on Juventus. Remember how often Giovinco tortured his parent club? Me too.
  14. El Shaarawy(MIL) - Will be the support striker for Pazzini. That could mean good things for the youngster.
  15. Pelissier(CHI) - Hes consistent.
  16. Miccoli(PAL) - Somebody on Palermo needs to score at some point.
  17. Diamanti(BOL) - Bologna should get a goal against Roma this week, Diamanti is the best bet to get it.
  18. Denis(ATA) - Atalanta's target man, if they score it's usually him to get it.
  19. Lopez(ROM) - Anyone on Roma has a chance to score in that All out attack Zeman offence, and he'll be starting this week.
  20. Bianchi(TOR) - Rolando is a veteran who will never be incredible, but is consistent but he's still just a low end option.

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