Thursday, 19 July 2012

Who Is Mattia Destro?

Unless your a long time Football Manager player like myself and this blogs founder Dan Riccio than I really couldn't expect you to answer the title question. This blog post is not a "where will Italys hottest property end up" , because by the time YOU are reading this he could be at a press conference at the Stadio Olimpico being presented to the Roma faithful or in Paris doing keep ups in front of the Eiffel tower.

Hey french ppl look how high i can bounce it!

But who exactly is the young Man that is commanding so much attention from Italy's top clubs? Mattia Destro is a 2nd generation footballer. His father; Flavio Destro played for Ascoli in the 80s. After retiring with the Woodpeckers he became a coach, which would explain why Mattia started his youth career with the Ascoli club, also his city of birth. When his dad was promoted to the Italy's youth team as a coach, his son made the move to Inter's youth system at the age of 14. This is where he struck up a partnership with Italy's NEW golden son Mario Balotelli. Destro's knack for goal in his teens was overshadowed by SWAGotelli's but in 2008 when Mario had solidified him self as a member of Inter's senior team with strong performances off the bench, it was Mattia's time to get attention.

Mattia's fathers playing card

if he becomes half the player this video game predicts he will then....

Playing for Italy's Under 19 team between 2009 & 2010 without Balotelli is when Mattia got to show off his goalscoring skills, by scoring a remarkable 16 goals in 14 appearances for the little Azzurri. Its amazing to think that at this time is when Inter sent him and a few briefcases of cash to Genoa in exchange for Andrea Ranocchia. Yes Inter gave up on another one of their youth prospects, add him to the long list that now includes Pirlo, Santon, Bonnuci, and Balotelli to name a few. 

With his tall stature and strong physique Mattia is a threat to score in front of goal in any game and he showed this in his first two seasons playing in the Serie A. In his first season with Genoa he appeared 16 times, but only started 3 and got 2 goals. His 2nd season with Siena was a lot more successful only starting 15 times and being subbed in another 15 he scored an impressive 12 goals!

state chitu'

When you consider the fact that he is only 20 years old and played for two weaker sides against arguably the best defences in club soccer. Averaging almost 1 goal per every 2 games he plays is a great sign that he will be a goalscoring threat in the Serie A for years to come. 

as a Juve loyalist i gotta hope not to ever see this
Who ever wins the "Destro Sweepstakes" in Italy right now, will reap the benefits. If Roma do get him, as being predicted out of Italy at this very moment, they will definitely fight for a top 3 finish and be considered Scudetto contenders. Mattia Destro has the talent to score 15 goals per season, and the potential to win goal scoring titles. Also he's Italian and having to hear the last few years "Italy has no good upcoming prospects" its hard to root against him or Marco "the traitor' Verratti whether they play for the Zebras or not. I want to see a strong Italy in the future, Brazil 2014 might be to early but Euro 2016 is a realistic possibility. 

Watching him this last season he reminded me a lot of a young Pippo Inzaghi in his ability to always be ahead of the defenders, but he also showed signs of Christian Vieri with his canon of a shot. All good things for the youngster.

So Who is Mattia Destro? Italy's hope at being more than just Balotelli.

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